Our Organization

Standing Against Violent Extremism, or SAVE, is a campaign planned and implemented by Boston University students. We have lived our entire lives in fear of violent extremism. From the threats of alt-right organizations to the threats of ISIS we have witnessed too many acts of terrorism. We sat in our first grade classrooms, terrified, as we watched the Twin Towers fall. Our hearts broke as we mourned the lives of the children following the Sandy Hook shooting. We struggled to understand the hatred associated with the South Carolina church shootings. We prayed for our friends studying abroad in Paris following the jihadist attacks. We felt fear at our high school graduations following the explosions of the Boston Marathon bombings, just a mile away from our future dormitories.


We have sat on the sidelines and watched as terror has taken over our lives. As we have lost loved ones, we have become accustomed to hatred and death. We have become content and accepting of these tragedies. We are heartbroken. We are exhausted. We have had enough.

Our Mission

We are here to light a fire in our peers to #takeastand. We want to grow the knowledge of those around us and inform those who want to see change. We wish to stop Islamophobia, prevent the threat of alt-right groups, emphasize the difference between Islamism and Islam and point out the prevalence and risks of the extremist presence on social media. Based on our research we have found that alienation and rejection are leading causes for extremist recruitment. If we can educate those around us of this trend and provide solutions, we feel that we can make a difference in this world. We know we cannot do this alone. We need you. There is just #oneclickto A BETTER FUTURE.

Our Team

Meet our team of passionate and dedicated Boston University Students standing against violent extremism

(Some of our team members shown here)

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