We are partnering with Parents For Peace to offer hope and guidance to those impacted by violent extremism.

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Parents for Peace was founded by a father whose son was manipulated into committing an act of terrorism. We aim to translate the pain of parents into a positive way forward, enabling struggling families to break the silence and effectively safeguard their children from the lure of extremist ideologies. The hope is to help families divert loved ones from a path that can lead to violence and heartbreak.



Parents for Peace (PFP) protects youth from extremist ideologies. PFP is an alliance of families impacted by extremism and supporters who work together to:

-Raise awareness about the danger of radical ideologies;

-Provide support to families trying to save loved ones from being radicalized;

-Advocate for policies that safeguard young Americans from indoctrination.



Parents for Peace programs:

-Educate the public via media outreach and dialogue with civic leaders;

-Enable families to speak out about how their loved ones became radicalized;

-Provide guidance to help vulnerable individuals reject extremist ideas;

-Engage creative professionals to counter radical propaganda on social media;

-Connect diverse partners to develop effective counter-extremism solutions.



-Community: act on our shared responsibility to protect young people

-Support: respect the emotional trauma of parents who lose children to extremism

-Tolerance: unite people knowing that radicalism can impact any faith or ideology

-Freedom: uphold core individual rights and liberal democratic principles

-Nonviolence: use peaceful means to counter violent extremist ideologies

-Justice: hold accountable people who manipulate impressionable youth

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