Global Impact of Terrorism

As kids of the 90s, today defined as “Millennials,”we grew up along the rise of the Internet in a society driven by hyper consumerism. Apart from the significant technological advances that our era has brought, our generation has grown used to terrorist attack as its own “evil of the century”.

We were still newborns when Mumbai woke up, shaken by the explosions of 15 bombs throughout the city; two years later, in 1995, the capital of Japan was under attack through a release of Sarin gas in Tokyo’s subway. We sat in our first grade classrooms as the Twin Towers fell; we were freshman starting college as the bombs went off at the finish line at Boston’s Marathon; and most recently the attacks all over Europe.

We are a group of students coming from across the nation and from around the globe, who wish to help with the hope to make the world a better place. We’ve lived terrorism, as some of us were in Paris were the shots fired, a city that some of us calls “home”, and who knows people who lost their lives that day or could have.

My name is Charlotte, I was born and raised in Paris, and my best friend was interning at the hospital on the night of November the 13th, 2015 when she texted me that my city was under attack way before the media covered it. My dad was watching the game at the Stade de France when the first bomb exploded. My friends were living a couple of blocks down the streets when the city center fell under the bullets of terrorists.

Our generation has lived through terrorism, and to some extent we are now immune to it. Although terrorism can only be defined as global as attacks are conducted to such an international level, it is to us to make a change on our local scale with the hope to make a significant impact. We are ready to Stand Against Violent Extremism.

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