Islam—The Religion of Peace, Unknown in Fear: Why Should Islam be Taught in Schools

American school systems teach the history of America, from its birth to its present. American school systems also teach the history of Europe; at least the history that includes America. I took a world history class elective in 10th grade, and even there we focused on America’s impact around the world.

As students in America learning about our own country is of obvious necessity. However, America has an impact across the world, and in turn is impacted by the world. With all the fear, terror, and bigotry that spreads our nation today, it is important that education also be geared towards educating our youth towards religions and countries that our citizens do not understand, and sometimes fear for reasons they cannot explain—specifically, Islam.

Islamaphobia is a fear held in the minds of a sweeping part of America. Islamaphobia is also a fear that comes from misunderstanding one of the largest religions in the world, one that practices and preaches peace.

Understandably, uniformed Americans look at our past with people who claim association with Islam. Terrorist attacks. 9/11. The Boston Marathon. Anthrax. However, these Americans are uninformed. Radical Islam and Islam are not the same religion. Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. Islam preaches peace.

This is why education on Islam and Muslims and those who practice this religion should be taught in public education systems. The ignorance fuels hateful rhetoric and ultimately adds to terrorism, as those fragile to falling to terrorists groups are more likely to turn to them when met with ignorance by the place (America) that was supposed to accept them. With proper education, comes understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of those we fear because they are different.

Of course implementing an education system on religion (and specifically Islam) in American schools brings it’s own set of issues to light, even the most basic level of education can occur online, with reputable sources that unbiasedly explain the misinformation of Islam.

As Americans, we once held ourselves to the standard that all were welcome to our country. we were founded on the belief that everyone should have a home in the land of the free. We have strayed far from these moral because of ignorance and misinformation. For us to make our way back to these ideals, we must give our children and unknowing citizens the gift of education and subsequently, tolerance and acceptance.

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